After Youth Football Coach Made Kids Kneel During National Anthem, WATCH Tucker Embarrass Him

Tucker Carlson spoke with Freddie Mitchell, a youth football coach who forced his players to kneel during the national anthem. The video of the coach kneeling with his players went viral, so Tucker invited him on to talk about WHY he is teaching this behavior to young, impressionable kids.

Like most Americans, Tucker was disgusted to see this. The worst part about it is, this coach is an Ex-NFL player. Yes… Someone fortunate enough to have played a game for a living, is teaching his young players how “awful” this country is. Well, Tucker absolutely EMBARRASSED Mitchell in a clip that’s going viral.

Predictably, Mitchell said he is teaching his kids a “lesson” that America is racist. Tucker asked him if America was so racist, then why are millions of minorities from around the world lining up to come here. Mitchell tried to say it’s because of people like Tucker “selling” the American dream that doesn’t really exist. What an absolute JOKE!  Watch Tucker Embarrass this guy then SHARE on Facebook so we can make it go viral!


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