HE’S BACK! After Reporters Lied About Trump, Sean Spicer Said 1 Thing That’ll RUIN Mainstream Media

Spicer addressed the mainstream media LIE that President Trump made a “deal” with Democrats on DACA and the wall. As someone who is still very close with President Trump, Spicer exposed this liberal lie and revealed why he REALLY met with Schumer and Pelosi. (Video Below)

When the Fox hosts asked Spicer why Trump met with the Democrats, Spicer said the President is just following through on his campaign promise to make the “best deal” for the American people. He said he saw first-hand that Trump operates like a CEO and is going to make the “best deal for the country when he can” whether it be with Republicans or Democrats. Spicer also pointed out that Trump is doing something that hasn’t been done since Reagan! WATCH this then SHARE on Facebook so we can make it go viral!



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